Saturday, December 15, 2012

AA Killer Report

Good gracious, finally got to see some real fighting in the Avengers Arena (AA) - Welcome to the killer world.

And in celebration for this new title, we present you with the killer report, giving you updates on how everyone is doing in the arena.

Cammi versus darkhawk!!!

The sixteen contestants -

X-23 -
Hazmet -
Mettle - Sacrificed for Hazmet on Day 1
Darkhawk -
Reptil -
Red Raven - Died crashing into the ceiling
Kid Briton - Head chopped off (that's a bit too embarrassing for Kid Briton)
Cammi - Good at setting mines; have a secret connection to some Marvel heroes like Nova
Apex - Revealed to be sharing the same body with her brother, now trapped alive underground
Anachronism -
Chase - New Darkhawk
Nara -
Nico - Sacrificed herself to save the others, and now is revived and become far more powerful than before
Ryker -
Juston - Killed by Apex along with his Sentinel (I know Sentinels can't technically die, but you get the meaning)
Bloodstone -

The man behind: Arcade -

Having to end up failing nearly everytime with his pranks. Arcade is now targeting the young heroes from different parties including AA (Avengers Academy). With the brilliant idea of murder world, can Arcade finally taste victorious? 

Best Quote -

#1: "Wolverine's school has better security" - Arcade
#2: "Fight or Flight." - Doctor Ryker

Timeline -

Day 1: Arcade revealed his master plan of the murder world.
       Arcade asked for the weakest link to be his victim
       Mettle sacrificed himself for Hazmet and became the first         
       The ceiling turned out to be a killing weapon too as it 
          took the games second victim, red raven.

#3 variant

#5 variant

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DC Newsflash

DC NewsFlash is here!!!

#1 Phantom Stranger

The DC New 52 has included a title for this mysterious guy, is he a hero or is he a villain?

Plot: 3/5
Art: 4/5
Character portrayal: 4/5
(Everything is a fresh start, so there is no 'existing character portrayal')

Why yes:
This books really do got me with the mysterious name and also its cover that has this spooky feeling like Halloween's around the corner.
Also, this character seems to be really important in the trinity war, as Pandora has appeared quite a lot in this series. So, is the Stranger a key part in the big event, or is he just someone that is strangely enough not to get involved?

Why not:
The plot really got me, have no idea what is going on, with Pandora and the Dark Justice League showing up, it just messes up a title that's already confusing enough. This is probably the one title I read that I have no idea what I am reading, the thing about helping people while not really helping them is pretty hard to understand, with also his necklace of coins, and out of nowhere one of the coins ended up in the hands of the dark justice league. Really???