Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marvel Beginnings I - best pack yet

  It took me two weeks to actually buy extra packs of Marvel Beginnings 1, and I'm so happy of what I got out of it.

  Remember me saying that I'm hoping that there are more packs that contain 8 cards? Well, that's what I thought in the past, but now I've got a great strategy to find special inserts, and it is to find the one or two skinniest pack(s) you can find in a box. Even though you may came up just having 6 boring cards with characters you haven't heard of and a breakthrough issue that you don't really care about. But by doing so, it can also increase your chance of finding inserts, as the packs containing inserts usually have 6 cards only, either taking away 1 base or 1 insert (micro-motion/ die-cut), don't understand why they don't take away the break-through issue one. Maybe you already know the trick , if not do give it a try and you might just be surprised how good your cards are!

 My cards in this pack: 11, 57, 107, 139, B11 and also a sketch from Gilbert Monsanto!

  My goal after getting my first sketch cards is to get (more) sketch cards and also the Panel Focus ones.

   Feel free to leave a comment to express your views on the Beginnings cards and also what you want me to write and do a review on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marvel Beginnings I

  Marvel Beginnings 2 went out earlier this week, and I'd be glad to do a report on that.

 But since I haven't done anything with Marvel Beginnings Series 1, I'll be doing a review on Series 1 first. I grabbed eight packets from my local comic book store today and I'm not quite fond of the outcome.


   I bought random packs from this series because I'm attracted to the inserts. With eight random packs, I expect 40 base cards, 4 each for Micro-motion and X-men Die-Cut and 8 breakthrough issues, hoping for some of the special inserts like sketch cards, printing plates and Ultimate Panel Card. (I don't really want the holograms, unless they are X-men ones, which is the ones in Series 2.)

Micro-motion card
Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat

My Pulls: 

Total Cards- 56
Base Cards- 38            
Duplicates- 0              
Breakthrough Issues- 8               
X-men Die-cut- 4      (Storm, Domino, Chamber, Marrow)         
Micro-motion- 5        (Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Kitty Pryde, Kraven, Wolverine)
Printing Plate- 1       (The Amzing Spider-man Vol.1 #13, Cyan)

 There is 1 more micro-motion than expected as one of the packs contains 8 cards with 5 base, and 1 each for the three most common inserts.
  And I only gt 38 base cards at the end, which is 2 short form the estimated number because in the pack that contains the printing plate, there is only 3 base cards. Upper Deck mentioned that packs containing memorabilia cards may contain less than the amount of cards stated, and I wonder why printing plates are classified as memorabilia cards.

What I think on the series: 

   The inserts are cool and this is my first ever printing plate. The micro-motion and Die-cut may be the easiest inserts to get, but both are outstanding and I believe is even better than the Villain Holograms. What I like about Upper Deck is that they replace base cards with inserts rather than replacing inserts with other tougher inserts. Even though I've heard that Upper Deck always have damaged cards or redemption cards inside packets, but that doesn't seem to be the problem I faced. The only problem I have is that I want  both micro-motion and X-men Die-cut, so I don't know what to hope for when I'm opening the packs, but if they have more of the wrongly inserted eight cards packs, this will not be a problem at all!

Opinions on the set: 

  With a total of over 500 cards base set, it features all the well known characters and also those that you've never heard of, at least I haven't heard of . The inserts are pretty much similar in series 1 and 2, which I guess will be the same in series 3, for having die-cuts, holograms, sketch cards, and autographs. But with such a huge base deck, it seems almost impossible to get a master set without spending a fortune. So I'll only be focusing on the inserts or maybe base cards of popular characters.


Breakthrough Issue

Base Card (Front)
Base Card (Back)

X-men Die-cut (front)
X-men Die-cut (Back)

The design of the packets