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Marvel NowRater (May 2014)

Original Sins

The event of the year has just begun, with the Watcher getting shot and blood's everywhere.

All hell broke lose when they realize the killer has not only taken the Watcher's eyes, but also what he kept in his liar. To recap, Watcher has almost anything the whole Universe has to offer, all the most powerful weapons and tools including the ultimate nullifier, and tons of unknown techs. Not to mention the eye that kept all the secrets are now being held by someone, or more likely "someones".

That's it on the content for now, since this might be one of the better written events in years as long as the ending is convincing. Moving on to the character choices, this event does not disappoint in teaming up heroes from different teams, with Ant Man and Black Panther with Emma Frost, and also Doctor Strange alongside Punisher, in addition to the return of original Nick Fury! And of course, the old boring rule that Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and Iron Man…

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