Saturday, December 15, 2012

AA Killer Report

Good gracious, finally got to see some real fighting in the Avengers Arena (AA) - Welcome to the killer world.

And in celebration for this new title, we present you with the killer report, giving you updates on how everyone is doing in the arena.

Cammi versus darkhawk!!!

The sixteen contestants -

X-23 -
Hazmet -
Mettle - Sacrificed for Hazmet on Day 1
Darkhawk -
Reptil -
Red Raven - Died crashing into the ceiling
Kid Briton - Head chopped off (that's a bit too embarrassing for Kid Briton)
Cammi - Good at setting mines; have a secret connection to some Marvel heroes like Nova
Apex - Revealed to be sharing the same body with her brother, now trapped alive underground
Anachronism -
Chase - New Darkhawk
Nara -
Nico - Sacrificed herself to save the others, and now is revived and become far more powerful than before
Ryker -
Juston - Killed by Apex along with his Sentinel (I know Sentinels can't technically die, but you get the meaning)
Bloodstone -

The man behind: Arcade -

Having to end up failing nearly everytime with his pranks. Arcade is now targeting the young heroes from different parties including AA (Avengers Academy). With the brilliant idea of murder world, can Arcade finally taste victorious? 

Best Quote -

#1: "Wolverine's school has better security" - Arcade
#2: "Fight or Flight." - Doctor Ryker

Timeline -

Day 1: Arcade revealed his master plan of the murder world.
       Arcade asked for the weakest link to be his victim
       Mettle sacrificed himself for Hazmet and became the first         
       The ceiling turned out to be a killing weapon too as it 
          took the games second victim, red raven.

#3 variant

#5 variant

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DC Newsflash

DC NewsFlash is here!!!

#1 Phantom Stranger

The DC New 52 has included a title for this mysterious guy, is he a hero or is he a villain?

Plot: 3/5
Art: 4/5
Character portrayal: 4/5
(Everything is a fresh start, so there is no 'existing character portrayal')

Why yes:
This books really do got me with the mysterious name and also its cover that has this spooky feeling like Halloween's around the corner.
Also, this character seems to be really important in the trinity war, as Pandora has appeared quite a lot in this series. So, is the Stranger a key part in the big event, or is he just someone that is strangely enough not to get involved?

Why not:
The plot really got me, have no idea what is going on, with Pandora and the Dark Justice League showing up, it just messes up a title that's already confusing enough. This is probably the one title I read that I have no idea what I am reading, the thing about helping people while not really helping them is pretty hard to understand, with also his necklace of coins, and out of nowhere one of the coins ended up in the hands of the dark justice league. Really???

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marvel NowRater

Feeling confused with all these new titles coming out from the two biggest comic companies? Not sure if you want to start a new series or just stick with the classics? Here, the Now-rater can help you make a better choice and avoid wasting your money. (check the DC Newsflash for DC52 titles)
Note: Ratings and comments are only made based on the issues published, and will be updated if neccessary

New Update is here in 3 days!!! And you guessed, it's Morbius the living Vampire!!!

updated (Marvel Now):
All New X-men
Fantastic Four
Coming soon: Avenger Arena 

Uncanny X-men
Uncanny X-men, the true flag-Xbook is back! What is left of the extinction team is ready for some revolutionary action; with Cyclops as the leader, they are out recruiting the new mutants and tell you the truth, they are good! A healer, and a time wrapper is only a tip of the iceberg, the Uncanny X-men is no doubt going to be different once and for all.

Rating (5/5): 
Uncanny X-men #1 (normal cover)
Plot: 4                         
Artwork: 3.5               
Portrayal of existing characters: 4.5
Portrayal of new character: 5 

Why yes:
After the unbelievable ending of AvX, the extinction team or what's left of it is back! With all new costumes and a whole lot of new team members, this is truly a title no X-fans wanna miss.  

Why not:
They said there's gonna be a traitor, and there is certainly a lot of 'shockers' already in the first issue, but Magneto? Really? Suddenly he starts spilling out stuff about having the same dream of Charles? Oh lord, please give me a break.
And finally, the artwork, is there only white, black and red paint left in this world? This is probably the least colorful comic I've ever seen, and I mean literally.

Uncanny X-men #1 (variant cover)

And it is time for... variants and designs!!! 
For variants, the most eye-catching one is surely Deadpool, with 53 birds? If you are a comic fan, you surely will remember there was time not long ago when a comic title had something like 50 variants featuring the flags of different states. And right in front of us is a variant with state birds, well, it can just be a bare coincidence, right?

And the designs of the new outfits, that's really up to you to give comments, isn't it?

All New X-men
All New X-men is the first X-book in the Marvel Now!, it is about bringing the original X-men all the way to the present, and probably to meet up with their counterparts.

Rating (5/5): 
A copy of the All New X-men
Plot: 3.5                          
Artwork: 5               
Portrayal of existing characters: 4
Portrayal of new character: 3.5 

Why yes:
With probably the best artwork ever seen on X-books, you just can't afford to leave the comic book shop without having it. And also, Jean Grey is here, and that alone already makes this title worth your money.

Why not:
As X-fans probably have the 'Cyclops was right' t-shirt in their wardrobe, this title seems to say 'Cyclops was never right', still continuing to portray him as someone close to a criminal, so why bother reading another title that may just end with absurdity like the AvX?

For this first issue of the title, it will be featuring a wraparound cover that can be connected with the second issue, giving you something like the picture below, which is pretty rare and valuable as it is a not a connecting variant like Fantastic Four and FF, but the normal cover!!!
Covers of All New X-men #1&2
On the other hand, talking about variants, I have to say the variants on this first issue is also worth the price.

All New X-men #1 variant
All New X-men #1 variant

All new mutants in All New X-men #1
All New X-men #2 variant

Note: Variant cover are NOT wraparound, and the back of the comic will be advertisements

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is back in the Marvel Now! A title that starts with the Fantastic Four inside the mouth of a dinosaur, which is where Mr Fantastic got his arm ripped. As a scientist, he discovered that what he needs to repair his arm is in the unknown universe.

No mamas, just mumbots

Rating (5/5): 
Plot: 2.5                          
Artwork: 4               
Portrayal of existing characters: 4.5
Portrayal of new character: 3.5

Why yes:
It have all the teleporting, time wrapping and mum-bots, everything that makes it the Fantastic Four.
Also, title about a family, and also the bonding and love between them. Where else can you find it?

Why not:
The classics Fantastic Four stories, Mr Fantastic is the genius, he has a problem that he can't solve, he set out on expedition. Boring...

Fantastic Four/FF connecting cover
Fantastic Four is closely related to the FF (of course), and you can already see Miss Thing in Fantastic Four #1. Apart from that, the first issue also works as a  prologue to the FF, as Mr Fantastic said that they will only be away for a few minutes (due to time wrapping), and they need to find people to take their place for the moment (the FF). In which, we can figure that things will go wrong with both the Fantastic Four and the FF. The two titles relate and can provide double the fun, but also requires double the money and may make you feel like you missed out something unless you have both titles.


FF is back, and of course it means Future Foundation (not Fantastic Four). With a total new line-up for the team when the Richards are gone, this series is really one that we should expect the unexpected.

FF variant cover #1

Rating (5/5): 
Plot: 3.5                       
Artwork: 2.5              
Portrayal of existing characters: 3.5
Portrayal of new character: 4.5

Why yes:
Where else can we probably see Ms Thing? A with this team of four, we are sure to get some drama, and we definitely do. Ms Thing quit as soon as it is issue 2, and with the future human torch coming back to deliver the news that the Fantastic Four is killed in their trip to the future, what in stall is totally worth your time.

Why not:
If you ask me, what does the four team members have in common, frankly speaking no. Do I think they can make a good team, no. Is the art that good, no. But all those are just theoretically  
answered, we all no nothing is definite in the comic world.

FF is to be read alongside Fantastic Four, and that I fully understand now after FF #3. In FF, the team is always waiting for the Richards to come back, which they don't; so things about the FF will appear in Fantastic Four and also the other way around. But is it possible to just read one of the titles? I'd say that will take away the fun of it, for sure.

Coming soon Avengers Arena and more...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marvel Extra - Uncanny is back!!!

Starting form November, there will be a new feature in this blog, which is the Marvel Extra, delivering to you the latest and most interesting news.

Marvel Extra - Issue 1 

Yes, uncanny X-men is back in the AvX fallout!!! Though this series about the extinction team is not the flagship X-book, but will surly be welcomed by X-fans more than All-new X-men.

With Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo in charge, it does give fans the thought that Marvel is focusing on the Avengers and the related characters. With new Avengers series popping out nearly twice a month and only five X-books till now (All New X-men, Cable and X-force, X-men Legacy, Uncanny X-force, and Uncanny X-men), and with the original Uncanny X-men team working on the Iron Man book, X-fans do have reasons to be upset (especially after the AvX).

Back to the book, Cyclops is still in charge of the team, but the rooster has changed, with only Magik, Emma and Magneto at his side as Colossus went with Cable and Danger is left to choose his own path (in AvX Consequence #5). And  in order to solve the problem of lacking man power, the extinction team is in search for new team members among the rebirths (for those who don't know what happened in AvX, the phoenix force led to the rebirth of mutant kind around the globe)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Avengers vs X-men fallout & Consequences

Spoiler Alert: Make sure you have read the issues stated in the headers eg. (Avengers vs X-men 12) before continue to read the content 
For AvX showdown -

AvX Consequences is over, and Cyclops is back leading the Uncanny X-men!!! For more info, please refer to the blogpost - Marvel Extra #1

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 5 - 7/11/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 4 - 1/11/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 3 - 24/10/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 2 - 17/10/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 1 - 14/10/12

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 5

Avengers (not assembled)

As this series comes to the end, it starts with the avengers finding Chicago. Apparently Hope is still on search of Cable. In this issue Spiderwoman made her first appearance as received the information that there is a prison break.

Danger, Magik and Magneto
ready for a rescue mission

It is of course our beloved extinction team, Magneto, Magik and Danger to help the marvelous Scott Summers get out of that stinky cell. It is overwhelming to see what the three alone can do to get Scott out.

Back to Hope, she has failed to find her Cable and it is Cable who appeared before Hope!!

Apart form those mentioned, this final issue also includes events that has full potential in determining what the rEvolution of Marvel ill become and will definitely change the course of a handful of characters. Plus, this issue has fascinating artwork form Walta and you will also get a free digital copy!! So why don't you go and get your copy of the comic right now?

What's Missing

When Scott is rescued, where the hell is Emma???

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 4

Secrets revealed and everything is set to explode in the final issue.

Having to witness the murder of his only friend in the prison, Cyclops finally decides to prison break, with the help of Magneto, Magik and Danger. (Which also reveals that the person communicating with Cyclops in #3 is Magneto). While Storm follow Magik's lead to find Colossus and realized that Peter is just another victim in this 'war'. And Hope is still on search of Cable but accidentally bump into Namor in the bottom of Utopia.

Villains or Warriors?

The most
crucial part is that 
finally, an insider 
helping the X-men is 
being revealed!!!  

But who???

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 3

What happened

Iron Man arrived at the Mystic City Kun Lung and offered help (with science) and was being rejected by the Master, who thinks that each person should take care of their own mess, and science is not the answer to every question. 
Magik at Jean Grey's school 

for Higher Learning?
While at the Avengers' Carrier, there's a conversation between Cap, Wolverine and Agents of H.A.M.M.E.R and S.H.E.I.L.D. in which Wolverine said that Cyclops should be treated like Emma. During the conversation, it was being mentioned that there might be an insider working both sides. Additionally, Wolverine was being judged and was said to be saying what he believed to be the truth, but not necessarily the truth about the whole event.
While being captured, Emma was being visited by Kitty Pryde; and Cyclops communicates with someone (still unknown after the whole issue #3) with some white powder. And Hope sets off to find Cable??

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 2

It's issue two of five and here is how things went:
Wolverine goes to find Cyclops and want to find out where the rest of the extinction team is, while Cyclops is hoping to know about the situation of Emma and Hope. Cyclops nearly tricked Wolverine into killing him, and he used the word 'martyr' instead of murder, which I hundred percent agree with. This whole issue circles around Cyclops under the arrest of S.H.I.E.L.D. and also met a 'new' mutant in the prison!

What will happen to Cyclops when he is faced with a bunch of prisoners willing to kill him for anything, and he cannot get access to his special powers? And what is happening to Iron Man?
Issue to AvX Consequences #3

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 1

It all comes down to this series, with a total of five issues, this weekly series will conclude the AvX storyline. I still think AvX is pure absurdity, and it continues to AvX consequences. Cap and Wolverine are the ones trying to save the world and they think mutants are harming the world and have to out them in prison? It just makes no sense, NO SENSE AT ALL. Just have a look on the variant cover on issue two and you will undoubtedly agree with me.

Avengers vs X-men 12

I have to say that I already see this coming, no surprises with this issue. Avengers pulled it off again and Cyclops is arrested (What?).
For those who ignored the spoiler alert: Hope and Scarlet Witch joined force to defeat Phoenix Cyclops, which the Phoenix force then entered Hope. But Scarlet Witch worked with Hope again to drive the force away. At the end, the force break into countless pieces and helped to create more mutants around the globe. And Cyclops is arrested.(Still don't get this part)
I do have high expectations on the series as the team seemed to have the greatest writers and artists, but the ending is just similar to all previous titles. Avengers always win, if they lose and someone dies, they also get to revive like Cap and Hawkeye (I mean Captain America's comic was nearly being cut-off, and he still can come back after he died). But what about Jean Grey, she's such a favorite and she just can't come back to life? Surely, Marvel doesn't care much about X-men, especially Cyclops and his team.

DC already disappointed comic fans, and Marvel is doing the same thing
Truly speaking, DC did that 'everything starts over again' and really get on people's nerves; and we hope Marvel's re-evolution will not follow this path. And thank god, Marvel's re-evolution does seem to be more interesting than what DC did. (for more information on Marvel Now! re-evolution:
BUT, what happened in AvX can be costly for Marvel. It's pretty obvious that more people wanted X-men to win this battle (as you may see from results of polls from fan-sites, forums and even the official ones), and yet, Marvel wanted this year to be all-avengers, avengers movie, avengers comics and Avengers won!!! (not satisfied at all). I certainly won't be buying any Avengers titles (except maybe avengers arena because they get to kill off each other) after the re-evolution, and there is just  so little X-men series that I can choose from.

Avengers vs X-men :Versus #6 

Compared to AvX #12, this one is far more better, it does not only feature two fights as the previous issues, but up to eight awesome ones. (For more info on this whole series:

This issue includes one usual-length fight and seven short battles, using only one or two pages for each fight.
The full-length fight - Hope vs Scarlet Witch is astounding, with Jim Cheung as the artist, simply no one can be disappointed. With this issue also featuring a short 'fight' with Katie Cook, $3.99 is totally worth it. 
AvX: VS #6 (Variant)

Squirrel Girl vs Pixie

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marvel Now! Part 2

For part one:

Marvel has announced that this big era of Marvel Now! will arrive after the 12-issue event,Avengers vs X-men (AvX).

Coming right after Avengers vs X-men is A+X, where members from both team join forces!!!

A+X full color poster
Postcard that can be obtained
from comic book stores

A+X will be having a total of four issues, each issue will consists of two stories, and each story will include one Avengers and one X-men character.

But as you may have noticed from the connecting variant cover and also the information announced by Marvel, the Phoenix five or members form Cyclops team is still nowhere to be found (Magneto for example)

A+X #1 variant 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marvel Now! Part 1

Marvel has announced that this big era of Marvel Now! will arrive after the 12-issue event,Avengers vs X-men (AvX).

All New X-men
will be the first X-men series out in the Marvel Now! re-evolution, and Jean Grey is here!!!

Heroes and villains -

The five original X-men including Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and the all-time favorite Jean Grey will be travelling to the present from the past, and will be meeting the X-men here. How will they react when they see such a big team with talented mutants, but know that Cyclops and Wolverine has break them up to two teams?

Connecting Covers of All New X-men

Uncanny Avengers
will be the first one out, as it will be published on 10th October, 2012.

Heroes and villains -

It will feature members from both the Avengers and X-men team, including Captain America, Thor and Scarlet Witch (Avengers) with Havok, Rogue and Wolverine (X-men). New costumes are being given to the characters as a part of the 'Re-evolution'.
It will also feature Red Skull, one of the well-known foes of Captain America as their first villain. It is also promised that classic X-men villains like Apocalypse will appear in later issues.
Moreover, it is confirmed that this team will be having more than six members as new heroes will be joining in as the story goes on.

Uncanny Avengers #1 variant

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Avengers vs X-men - Final Showdown

AvX: consequences and fallout -

As Avengers vs X-men (AvX) is down to the final coming later this month, will the tides turn again?????


Wolverine is on the X-men side of the poster, but his has still yet
to play the part of an X-men, will he turn on the Avengers
in the remaining 1 issue?
The phoenix force comes to earth to find it's host (Hope Summers), Captain America went to Utopia to find Cyclops to try to convince him in letting the Avengers take Hope to custody (and so called protection). Which Cyclops optic blast marked the beginning of AvX.

Loads of characters are involved, even Sinister (villain from uncanny X-men). Hope fled when the teams are fighting in Utopia. She then found Wolverine hoping that he can be trusted and leave both the Avengers and X-men outside this matter when Hope wanted to intercept the Phoenix force in the moon.

But thanks to Tony Stark, which successfully helped to prevent Hope being taken host by the Phoenix, but also making five of the x-men the phoenix five. And now, Cyclops is the only one among the Phoenix Five remaining, can he lead the X-men to their victory.


Only one phoenix is left and it seemed that everyone is on the Avengers' side, BUT there are still characters not yet in play, like cable, deadpool ... And it is once again reminded that the Phoenix force is for either destruction and rebirth, so will Scott claim the final victory?

And will the tides change once again as Cyclops become the one and only host of the Phoenix force?

Do Nova has something to do with the force?

My checklist:

Hope is coming back to the X-men side
Hope will be facing off Scarlet Witch in AvX: versus #6, which was said by to be coming straight out of AvX #12. Or is Scarlet Witch on the X-men's side?

Hulk will make it's stand
The green Hulk is still not involved in this big battle between the two parties, will he be joining one of the teams when it is so close to the end.

Cable will be aiding Cyclops 
In Avengers: X-sanction, Cable told Cyclops that he'll be needed soon and he will come back to help Cyclops

Maybe Prof X died, but he won't be the only one
The 'Uncanny Avengers #1' preview said that after AvX, there will be a funeral for one of Marvel's heroes, but who?????

Cyclops and Emma survives
Even though Cyclops seemed defeated in AvX: Consequences#1, but he and Emma will be appearing in All New X-men (possibly issue 3) cover, and he might have led the X-men to their victory too, who knows.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Avengers versus X-men - Battles of the teams

'Avengers vs X-men' is a comic series with a total of 12 issues, accompanied by a hell lot of tie-ins. I bet there are at least 100 tie-ins from other series up to now, with also a major tie-in series 'AVX:VS' featuring the fights between the teams, and it is one of my favorite series so far.

'AVX:VS' has a total of 6 issues, the first five will feature 2 fights each, and the last issue was said to be featuring many astonishing fights and fan favorite characters. Each issue of this series comes with 2 covers (issue 1 had 3 including ASM anniversary variant) one is the normal cover and the other one is the fight poster variant. These covers are done by the artist that are responsible for the issue, so some of the fight poster variant is actually better than the common one, while some variants do look a bit odd.
ISSUE 6 (Fight Poster Variant)
ISSUE 4 (Normal Cover)

ISSUE 3 (Content)
ISSUE 3 (Fight Poster Variant)

One of the good points about this series is that there are lot of fun facts within each issue, for example the speed of Namor's punch (before he got the phoenix force). In which these facts actually made your reading more relaxing, and you sort of learn something more about the Marvel Universe.

Till now, I'm most impressed by issue 3, not just because the team I supported won both matches, but also by how the winners are portrayed, that they have a sorrow and pitiful past that leads to their victory in the battles. On the other hand, I'm disappointed by issue 4, their is a tie between on of the battles and I'm sure that's not what I'm looking for and definitely not what other comic fans wanted; moreover, I don't really like the artwork done on the Thor and Emma battle. The cover art of Thor and Emma (Phoenix) is much more appealing when compared to the content (as they are done by different artist). While I don't really like the artwork done, I'm sure somebody else will appreciate the work, it's just not my type, that's all.

Coming up soon is issue 6.
Issue 6  have this 'classified' thing again, hopefully it will be a good issue, and hopefully Hope will show that she is better than Scarlet Witch, who is actually responsible for the extinction of mutants.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marvel Beginnings I - best pack yet

  It took me two weeks to actually buy extra packs of Marvel Beginnings 1, and I'm so happy of what I got out of it.

  Remember me saying that I'm hoping that there are more packs that contain 8 cards? Well, that's what I thought in the past, but now I've got a great strategy to find special inserts, and it is to find the one or two skinniest pack(s) you can find in a box. Even though you may came up just having 6 boring cards with characters you haven't heard of and a breakthrough issue that you don't really care about. But by doing so, it can also increase your chance of finding inserts, as the packs containing inserts usually have 6 cards only, either taking away 1 base or 1 insert (micro-motion/ die-cut), don't understand why they don't take away the break-through issue one. Maybe you already know the trick , if not do give it a try and you might just be surprised how good your cards are!

 My cards in this pack: 11, 57, 107, 139, B11 and also a sketch from Gilbert Monsanto!

  My goal after getting my first sketch cards is to get (more) sketch cards and also the Panel Focus ones.

   Feel free to leave a comment to express your views on the Beginnings cards and also what you want me to write and do a review on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marvel Beginnings I

  Marvel Beginnings 2 went out earlier this week, and I'd be glad to do a report on that.

 But since I haven't done anything with Marvel Beginnings Series 1, I'll be doing a review on Series 1 first. I grabbed eight packets from my local comic book store today and I'm not quite fond of the outcome.


   I bought random packs from this series because I'm attracted to the inserts. With eight random packs, I expect 40 base cards, 4 each for Micro-motion and X-men Die-Cut and 8 breakthrough issues, hoping for some of the special inserts like sketch cards, printing plates and Ultimate Panel Card. (I don't really want the holograms, unless they are X-men ones, which is the ones in Series 2.)

Micro-motion card
Kitty Pride/Shadow Cat

My Pulls: 

Total Cards- 56
Base Cards- 38            
Duplicates- 0              
Breakthrough Issues- 8               
X-men Die-cut- 4      (Storm, Domino, Chamber, Marrow)         
Micro-motion- 5        (Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Kitty Pryde, Kraven, Wolverine)
Printing Plate- 1       (The Amzing Spider-man Vol.1 #13, Cyan)

 There is 1 more micro-motion than expected as one of the packs contains 8 cards with 5 base, and 1 each for the three most common inserts.
  And I only gt 38 base cards at the end, which is 2 short form the estimated number because in the pack that contains the printing plate, there is only 3 base cards. Upper Deck mentioned that packs containing memorabilia cards may contain less than the amount of cards stated, and I wonder why printing plates are classified as memorabilia cards.

What I think on the series: 

   The inserts are cool and this is my first ever printing plate. The micro-motion and Die-cut may be the easiest inserts to get, but both are outstanding and I believe is even better than the Villain Holograms. What I like about Upper Deck is that they replace base cards with inserts rather than replacing inserts with other tougher inserts. Even though I've heard that Upper Deck always have damaged cards or redemption cards inside packets, but that doesn't seem to be the problem I faced. The only problem I have is that I want  both micro-motion and X-men Die-cut, so I don't know what to hope for when I'm opening the packs, but if they have more of the wrongly inserted eight cards packs, this will not be a problem at all!

Opinions on the set: 

  With a total of over 500 cards base set, it features all the well known characters and also those that you've never heard of, at least I haven't heard of . The inserts are pretty much similar in series 1 and 2, which I guess will be the same in series 3, for having die-cuts, holograms, sketch cards, and autographs. But with such a huge base deck, it seems almost impossible to get a master set without spending a fortune. So I'll only be focusing on the inserts or maybe base cards of popular characters.


Breakthrough Issue

Base Card (Front)
Base Card (Back)

X-men Die-cut (front)
X-men Die-cut (Back)

The design of the packets

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marvel 1/6 scale figure & ...

A 1/6 scale The Avengers iron man figure

It's a Limited edition as there's only a couple thousands around the globe, and I'm lucky enough to get one of those. And as it is also one of the special editions (limited to 16 worldwide!!!), it comes with an exclusive light-up base, awesome. And I must thank 7up for the promotion as I just purchased around 10 bottles of
7up and joined its promotion program, and I got 2 avengers movie ticket and a sixth scale figure!!!!!

As today's a Wednesday, it's also for time for the Marvel Comics. Avengers vs X-men is still in play (currently at #4 out of #12) and as a fan of X-men I supports Cyke and hope he blast the avengers away. I got a couple of the avx tie-ins and also grabbed one of those X-men comics just because of the stunning cover featuring many heroes (No idea why Doctor Doom is here).

Concerning Marvel, I am looking forward to the Marvel Beginnings trading cards which should coming out soon, I guess I'll be buying a whole box as the inserts are really attractive, the sketches, holograms, and the ultimate panel cards, a Stan Lee autograph will do too.