Marvel Beginnings I - best pack yet

  It took me two weeks to actually buy extra packs of Marvel Beginnings 1, and I'm so happy of what I got out of it.

  Remember me saying that I'm hoping that there are more packs that contain 8 cards? Well, that's what I thought in the past, but now I've got a great strategy to find special inserts, and it is to find the one or two skinniest pack(s) you can find in a box. Even though you may came up just having 6 boring cards with characters you haven't heard of and a breakthrough issue that you don't really care about. But by doing so, it can also increase your chance of finding inserts, as the packs containing inserts usually have 6 cards only, either taking away 1 base or 1 insert (micro-motion/ die-cut), don't understand why they don't take away the break-through issue one. Maybe you already know the trick , if not do give it a try and you might just be surprised how good your cards are!

 My cards in this pack: 11, 57, 107, 139, B11 and also a sketch from Gilbert Monsanto!

  My goal after getting my first sketch cards is to get (more) sketch cards and also the Panel Focus ones.

   Feel free to leave a comment to express your views on the Beginnings cards and also what you want me to write and do a review on.

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