Marvel 1/6 scale figure & ...

A 1/6 scale The Avengers iron man figure

It's a Limited edition as there's only a couple thousands around the globe, and I'm lucky enough to get one of those. And as it is also one of the special editions (limited to 16 worldwide!!!), it comes with an exclusive light-up base, awesome. And I must thank 7up for the promotion as I just purchased around 10 bottles of
7up and joined its promotion program, and I got 2 avengers movie ticket and a sixth scale figure!!!!!

As today's a Wednesday, it's also for time for the Marvel Comics. Avengers vs X-men is still in play (currently at #4 out of #12) and as a fan of X-men I supports Cyke and hope he blast the avengers away. I got a couple of the avx tie-ins and also grabbed one of those X-men comics just because of the stunning cover featuring many heroes (No idea why Doctor Doom is here).

Concerning Marvel, I am looking forward to the Marvel Beginnings trading cards which should coming out soon, I guess I'll be buying a whole box as the inserts are really attractive, the sketches, holograms, and the ultimate panel cards, a Stan Lee autograph will do too.

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