Avengers versus X-men - Battles of the teams

'Avengers vs X-men' is a comic series with a total of 12 issues, accompanied by a hell lot of tie-ins. I bet there are at least 100 tie-ins from other series up to now, with also a major tie-in series 'AVX:VS' featuring the fights between the teams, and it is one of my favorite series so far.

'AVX:VS' has a total of 6 issues, the first five will feature 2 fights each, and the last issue was said to be featuring many astonishing fights and fan favorite characters. Each issue of this series comes with 2 covers (issue 1 had 3 including ASM anniversary variant) one is the normal cover and the other one is the fight poster variant. These covers are done by the artist that are responsible for the issue, so some of the fight poster variant is actually better than the common one, while some variants do look a bit odd.
ISSUE 6 (Fight Poster Variant)
ISSUE 4 (Normal Cover)

ISSUE 3 (Content)
ISSUE 3 (Fight Poster Variant)

One of the good points about this series is that there are lot of fun facts within each issue, for example the speed of Namor's punch (before he got the phoenix force). In which these facts actually made your reading more relaxing, and you sort of learn something more about the Marvel Universe.

Till now, I'm most impressed by issue 3, not just because the team I supported won both matches, but also by how the winners are portrayed, that they have a sorrow and pitiful past that leads to their victory in the battles. On the other hand, I'm disappointed by issue 4, their is a tie between on of the battles and I'm sure that's not what I'm looking for and definitely not what other comic fans wanted; moreover, I don't really like the artwork done on the Thor and Emma battle. The cover art of Thor and Emma (Phoenix) is much more appealing when compared to the content (as they are done by different artist). While I don't really like the artwork done, I'm sure somebody else will appreciate the work, it's just not my type, that's all.

Coming up soon is issue 6.
Issue 6  have this 'classified' thing again, hopefully it will be a good issue, and hopefully Hope will show that she is better than Scarlet Witch, who is actually responsible for the extinction of mutants.

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