Avengers vs X-men - Final Showdown

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As Avengers vs X-men (AvX) is down to the final coming later this month, will the tides turn again?????


Wolverine is on the X-men side of the poster, but his has still yet
to play the part of an X-men, will he turn on the Avengers
in the remaining 1 issue?
The phoenix force comes to earth to find it's host (Hope Summers), Captain America went to Utopia to find Cyclops to try to convince him in letting the Avengers take Hope to custody (and so called protection). Which Cyclops optic blast marked the beginning of AvX.

Loads of characters are involved, even Sinister (villain from uncanny X-men). Hope fled when the teams are fighting in Utopia. She then found Wolverine hoping that he can be trusted and leave both the Avengers and X-men outside this matter when Hope wanted to intercept the Phoenix force in the moon.

But thanks to Tony Stark, which successfully helped to prevent Hope being taken host by the Phoenix, but also making five of the x-men the phoenix five. And now, Cyclops is the only one among the Phoenix Five remaining, can he lead the X-men to their victory.


Only one phoenix is left and it seemed that everyone is on the Avengers' side, BUT there are still characters not yet in play, like cable, deadpool ... And it is once again reminded that the Phoenix force is for either destruction and rebirth, so will Scott claim the final victory?

And will the tides change once again as Cyclops become the one and only host of the Phoenix force?

Do Nova has something to do with the force?

My checklist:

Hope is coming back to the X-men side
Hope will be facing off Scarlet Witch in AvX: versus #6, which was said by to be coming straight out of AvX #12. Or is Scarlet Witch on the X-men's side?

Hulk will make it's stand
The green Hulk is still not involved in this big battle between the two parties, will he be joining one of the teams when it is so close to the end.

Cable will be aiding Cyclops 
In Avengers: X-sanction, Cable told Cyclops that he'll be needed soon and he will come back to help Cyclops

Maybe Prof X died, but he won't be the only one
The 'Uncanny Avengers #1' preview said that after AvX, there will be a funeral for one of Marvel's heroes, but who?????

Cyclops and Emma survives
Even though Cyclops seemed defeated in AvX: Consequences#1, but he and Emma will be appearing in All New X-men (possibly issue 3) cover, and he might have led the X-men to their victory too, who knows.

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