Avengers vs X-men fallout & Consequences

Spoiler Alert: Make sure you have read the issues stated in the headers eg. (Avengers vs X-men 12) before continue to read the content 
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AvX Consequences is over, and Cyclops is back leading the Uncanny X-men!!! For more info, please refer to the blogpost - Marvel Extra #1

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 5 - 7/11/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 4 - 1/11/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 3 - 24/10/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 2 - 17/10/12
Avengers vs X-men Consequences 1 - 14/10/12

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 5

Avengers (not assembled)

As this series comes to the end, it starts with the avengers finding Hope.in Chicago. Apparently Hope is still on search of Cable. In this issue Spiderwoman made her first appearance as received the information that there is a prison break.

Danger, Magik and Magneto
ready for a rescue mission

It is of course our beloved extinction team, Magneto, Magik and Danger to help the marvelous Scott Summers get out of that stinky cell. It is overwhelming to see what the three alone can do to get Scott out.

Back to Hope, she has failed to find her Cable and it is Cable who appeared before Hope!!

Apart form those mentioned, this final issue also includes events that has full potential in determining what the rEvolution of Marvel ill become and will definitely change the course of a handful of characters. Plus, this issue has fascinating artwork form Walta and you will also get a free digital copy!! So why don't you go and get your copy of the comic right now?

What's Missing

When Scott is rescued, where the hell is Emma???

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 4

Secrets revealed and everything is set to explode in the final issue.

Having to witness the murder of his only friend in the prison, Cyclops finally decides to prison break, with the help of Magneto, Magik and Danger. (Which also reveals that the person communicating with Cyclops in #3 is Magneto). While Storm follow Magik's lead to find Colossus and realized that Peter is just another victim in this 'war'. And Hope is still on search of Cable but accidentally bump into Namor in the bottom of Utopia.

Villains or Warriors?

The most
crucial part is that 
finally, an insider 
helping the X-men is 
being revealed!!!  

But who???

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 3

What happened

Iron Man arrived at the Mystic City Kun Lung and offered help (with science) and was being rejected by the Master, who thinks that each person should take care of their own mess, and science is not the answer to every question. 
Magik at Jean Grey's school 

for Higher Learning?
While at the Avengers' Carrier, there's a conversation between Cap, Wolverine and Agents of H.A.M.M.E.R and S.H.E.I.L.D. in which Wolverine said that Cyclops should be treated like Emma. During the conversation, it was being mentioned that there might be an insider working both sides. Additionally, Wolverine was being judged and was said to be saying what he believed to be the truth, but not necessarily the truth about the whole event.
While being captured, Emma was being visited by Kitty Pryde; and Cyclops communicates with someone (still unknown after the whole issue #3) with some white powder. And Hope sets off to find Cable??

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 2

It's issue two of five and here is how things went:
Wolverine goes to find Cyclops and want to find out where the rest of the extinction team is, while Cyclops is hoping to know about the situation of Emma and Hope. Cyclops nearly tricked Wolverine into killing him, and he used the word 'martyr' instead of murder, which I hundred percent agree with. This whole issue circles around Cyclops under the arrest of S.H.I.E.L.D. and also met a 'new' mutant in the prison!

What will happen to Cyclops when he is faced with a bunch of prisoners willing to kill him for anything, and he cannot get access to his special powers? And what is happening to Iron Man?
Issue to AvX Consequences #3

Avengers vs X-men Consequences 1

It all comes down to this series, with a total of five issues, this weekly series will conclude the AvX storyline. I still think AvX is pure absurdity, and it continues to AvX consequences. Cap and Wolverine are the ones trying to save the world and they think mutants are harming the world and have to out them in prison? It just makes no sense, NO SENSE AT ALL. Just have a look on the variant cover on issue two and you will undoubtedly agree with me.

Avengers vs X-men 12

I have to say that I already see this coming, no surprises with this issue. Avengers pulled it off again and Cyclops is arrested (What?).
For those who ignored the spoiler alert: Hope and Scarlet Witch joined force to defeat Phoenix Cyclops, which the Phoenix force then entered Hope. But Scarlet Witch worked with Hope again to drive the force away. At the end, the force break into countless pieces and helped to create more mutants around the globe. And Cyclops is arrested.(Still don't get this part)
I do have high expectations on the series as the team seemed to have the greatest writers and artists, but the ending is just similar to all previous titles. Avengers always win, if they lose and someone dies, they also get to revive like Cap and Hawkeye (I mean Captain America's comic was nearly being cut-off, and he still can come back after he died). But what about Jean Grey, she's such a favorite and she just can't come back to life? Surely, Marvel doesn't care much about X-men, especially Cyclops and his team.

DC already disappointed comic fans, and Marvel is doing the same thing
Truly speaking, DC did that 'everything starts over again' and really get on people's nerves; and we hope Marvel's re-evolution will not follow this path. And thank god, Marvel's re-evolution does seem to be more interesting than what DC did. (for more information on Marvel Now! re-evolution:
BUT, what happened in AvX can be costly for Marvel. It's pretty obvious that more people wanted X-men to win this battle (as you may see from results of polls from fan-sites, forums and even the official ones), and yet, Marvel wanted this year to be all-avengers, avengers movie, avengers comics and Avengers won!!! (not satisfied at all). I certainly won't be buying any Avengers titles (except maybe avengers arena because they get to kill off each other) after the re-evolution, and there is just  so little X-men series that I can choose from.

Avengers vs X-men :Versus #6 

Compared to AvX #12, this one is far more better, it does not only feature two fights as the previous issues, but up to eight awesome ones. (For more info on this whole series: http://marvelhunt.blogspot.hk/2012/07/avengers-versus-x-men-battles-of-teams.html)

This issue includes one usual-length fight and seven short battles, using only one or two pages for each fight.
The full-length fight - Hope vs Scarlet Witch is astounding, with Jim Cheung as the artist, simply no one can be disappointed. With this issue also featuring a short 'fight' with Katie Cook, $3.99 is totally worth it. 
AvX: VS #6 (Variant)

Squirrel Girl vs Pixie

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