Marvel Extra - Uncanny is back!!!

Starting form November, there will be a new feature in this blog, which is the Marvel Extra, delivering to you the latest and most interesting news.

Marvel Extra - Issue 1 

Yes, uncanny X-men is back in the AvX fallout!!! Though this series about the extinction team is not the flagship X-book, but will surly be welcomed by X-fans more than All-new X-men.

With Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo in charge, it does give fans the thought that Marvel is focusing on the Avengers and the related characters. With new Avengers series popping out nearly twice a month and only five X-books till now (All New X-men, Cable and X-force, X-men Legacy, Uncanny X-force, and Uncanny X-men), and with the original Uncanny X-men team working on the Iron Man book, X-fans do have reasons to be upset (especially after the AvX).

Back to the book, Cyclops is still in charge of the team, but the rooster has changed, with only Magik, Emma and Magneto at his side as Colossus went with Cable and Danger is left to choose his own path (in AvX Consequence #5). And  in order to solve the problem of lacking man power, the extinction team is in search for new team members among the rebirths (for those who don't know what happened in AvX, the phoenix force led to the rebirth of mutant kind around the globe)

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