Marvel Beginnings 3

It is time to hunt for trading cards again, but which one should I do? Bronze age, Marvel premier, greatest heroes?

Marvel Beginnings 3 was out Dec 2012, it is the last wave of the series.
Each  box contains 24 packs, each pack contains 7 cards (on average)

Type of cards:
-180 Basecards
-Micro-motion cards (1:2 packs)
-Breakthrough issues (1:1 pack)
-Breakthrough issue autograph cards (1:48 packs)
-Villains die-cuts (1:2 packs)
-Avengers Hologram (1:72 packs)
-Sketch Cards (1:48 packs)
-Ultimate Panel Focus (1:288 packs)
-Printing Plates (1:?? packs)

This is my first ever box break on Marvel Trading cards:

Red Hulk Hologram
Autograph card

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