Iron Man 3, just don't get so excited (yet)

Spoiler alert: If u hv not seen the movie and still want to get surprised in the theatre, DO NOT continue reading.

Iron Man is everywhere.

That is not a bald statement as Iron Man is literally all over the place, billboards and advertisements, figures and IM costumes, he even managed to make it onto food wrappers. This has truly become the Iron Man month as Iron Man already took up more than half of the show times in theatres. But is the movie really that well?

1. Finally a superhero film that includes girl power, and Potts did time after time proved it.

2. A party of Iron Man armors is the final showdown that is sure to wow our eyes (too bad they didn't focus on the specific powers pf each one)

3. The scene after the credits was pretty funny, and of course that's gotta do with Avengers 2

Badly bad:
1. Mandarin was a completely different person from the comics. The once Asian looking villain that can do more than just playing with lightning and fire has become a dumb actor which was hired by Killian and thought being Mandarin was part of a performance.

2. People that was in the Extremis program can endure different a level of damage though they
pretty much went throught the same 'training' process.

3. Pepper can manage to destroy an armor with one punch and then use a part of the armor to get Killian. But she failed to put the armor into action when she was given Mk 42 to use earlier, so the Extremis also help her to learn to use the armor?

But afterall, it's still a pretty good film (the alteration to Mandarin is definitely not though)

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