Comics Flash 4/9

It is September 2013, more or less one year after the begin of Avengers versus X-men, sadly it wasn't what I'd recommend, twisted characters, unbelievable and unconvincing ending, and it did is prove that Avengers is what they cared about last year, and surely this will continue until the Avengers movie franchise go down like X-men: The Last Stand.

Back to the comics, Infinity finally sstarts to make some sense. A whole issue (issue 1) of I-don't-know-what-really-happened, introducing builders, and having Thanos, Inhumans, possibly everything Marvel have left in the cold for the past few years make a come back all at once. The latest change of events is that Thanos is actually hunting for his son!?! OMG! This better not disappoint me like Age of Ultron (which ended not long ago, April 2013, another totally horrible ending)
Invinity #1 Variant
But on a wider scope, Marvel has once again successfully jam packed so many events in one year (apart from the ones mentioned above, there's also events like Enemy within, which I skipped out on), and I have no idea which one among the lots is the main event, or maybe there's no such thing anymore.

Moving on to DC, Trinity War just ended last week; and now we have Forever Evil and the Villains month, so seem like DC doesn't want to let Marvel get all that event frenzy.

Forever Evil #1 Sketch Variant
I actually missed out the first issue on Trinity War, but surprising;y I didn't seem to miss out on anything at all, and that to me is not a really good event, though I have to admit that is better than the ones by Marvel (AvX or AoU), at least everything seemed to make sense, and I like the part where there's a traitor (a bit cheesy, but it worked for me).

And also, I have to say that the 3D covers look legit, and having to cost the same as most Marvel comics just made it even better. However, I have no idea that these one shots actually have nothing to do with whatever comic it took over for the week, and also some happen to be tie-ins with the main event and some are to be continued in another series, and that is really confusing for me. For example, JLA this week is Deadshot#1 which have nothing to do with JLA, it was sort of like a story of his origin and his present status with Forever Evil in play (maybe it is a tie-in too), and it said to be continued in Suicide Squad. Omg, I only buy this because I am reading JLA, I would have bought Joker or Poison Ivy if I know they have nothing to do with the original comics line.

JLA #7.1:
 Deadshot #1 3D cover
Over all, I would rather see villains fight against each other (I guess that's what gonna happen as the cover of future Forever evil does have villains fighting each other, and they just can't afford to stop all other comics series to give ways for villains that long, can they?).

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