X-men: Battle of the Atoms

Here goes another Marvel event (thankfully it is X-men and not Avengers again), and surprisingly it turned out better than I expected.

Even this event totally violated the time travel rule (not far behind Age of Ultron, which also abused the time travel concept), it is fascinating to see the dynamic between the huge amount of characters. It does have major impact on the present day Marvel Universe, let alone changes of rosters in the X-men teams. And of course it raises a lot of question (which they say will lead to the big X-men event next year).

Here is where things stand now:


Present Cyclops:
>He survived, even his younger time traveled self nearly died and wiped him off too.
>His roster just got a lot more powerful after Kitty Pryde left Wolverine to join him.

Past original X-men:
>They survived the event despite their lack of experience and control
>Stayed in the present day to hope help make this a better world
>Joined present day Cyclops


Present Wolverine:
>He lost his healing factor, but he did manage to survive after his future son tried to kill him
>One of his professor, Kitty Pryde left his school
>His ego will eventually cost him

>Totally failed with the plan of having a mutant liaison
>Have to pay for what the future brotherhood had done as both Wolverine and Cyclops are now aware of S.H.E.I.L.D having new Sentinels, meaning that they were labelled as threats

Deceased/Injured -

Deadpool (future) - dead
Xavier (future) - handicapped
Colossus (future) - something happened to him, but not explained
Jubilee (future) - dead
Beast (future) - most likely dead
Xorn/Jean Grey (future) - self destructed

Mysteries -

What happened to future Colosuss?

Where is the future Brotherhood?

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